Our Services

When someone in your family isn’t feeling their best, you want them to feel better fast. So do we. From sports injuries to sniffles, from flu shots to stitches, our centers are here to provide convenient quality care to everyone in your family.

Sometimes, scrapes and bruises are too big for Band-Aids, but too small for a trip to the Emergency Room. In these cases, our urgent care centers can patch you up and get you feeling better. 

When you’re feeling under the weather, a doctor’s appointment can sometimes be hard to come by. Our centers can treat you when you’ve come down with something that leaves you feeling less than 100%.

Visiting a healthcare provider for a physical is an important part of staying healthy, but sometimes you need other checkups or tests during the year to ensure your health is on the right track. Health conditions or diseases are best treated when found in the early stages. Even if you are feeling well, there are many “silent killers” that don’t show obvious symptoms until something serious occurs.

Our urgent care centers provides quick, convenient care for all of your occupational health needs.  From pre-employment screenings to work place injuries, we develop individualized protocols for each company and design our services to meet your needs.  With more than 38 locations throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, all of our centers offer extended night and weekend hours to accommodate you and your employee’s workday.

Preventing disease and illness before they occur can help people live long and productive lives and reduce their healthcare costs. Our urgent care centers can play a large role in helping you and your family stay healthy.

The healthcare teams at our urgent care centers can help you take care of ongoing health conditions. Through regular monitoring (or as needed), we can help manage the following conditions to help keep you in the best health possible.

When it’s time to head back-to-school and register for sports team participation, most students are required to have a pre-participation physical examination. Our walk-in centers provide sports and camp physicals as required as part of kids camps and school sports teams or programs.