Convenient, Secure Payment

Our Family of Centers provide affordable healthcare by compassionate staff at 1/8 to 1/10 the cost of typical Emergency Room charges.

To serve our patients affordably, we offer Secure Pay, a safe credit card payment option. Secure Pay provides a convenient and secure method to pay your insurance deductible and coinsurance prior to service. Additionally, your credit card will be used to pay any remaining balances your insurance does not cover.

How it works:

  1. At check-in, you will receive an authorization form asking you to enroll in Secure Pay.
  2. A front desk team member will swipe your card, which will securely store your credit card information in an encrypted format, a process called tokenization. Rest assured your card information is encrypted and inaccessible by any team member. Only the last four digits of your card number can be seen for verification purposes.
  3. After your visit, we will submit your medical claim to your insurance company for the services we provided. Once your insurance company pays its contracted portion, you will receive a statement in the mail explaining the portion your insurance paid and what (if any) balance is your responsibility.
  4. You will then have two weeks from the statement date to either arrange for another method of payment or request more information regarding the bill. If we have not received payment after two weeks, Secure Pay will charge your credit card for the balance due.

If you have already received a bill for payment, click below to pay:

Pay My Bill