Urgent Team Shares Tips for Parents on Celebrating Halloween Safely

(Oct. 24, 2014) Autumn has arrived and parents are prepping their families for fun fall activities like trick or treating. Urgent Team wants to remind everyone of a few tips to celebrate the season carefully.

Making sure your children are safe this Halloween can start with choosing a costume. Urgent Team recommends checking to see that the costume fits properly to avoid blocked vision and trips or falls before going out. If the costume has props like knives or swords, be sure they are soft and flexible.  Additionally, if their costume requires make-up, always test it in a small area first. Remember to remove it before bedtime to avoid any potential skin or eye irritations.

When heading out for trick or treating or an evening party, start the night with a light meal or snack to help keep children from snacking all night. Try to walk in groups and take a flashlight to help with visibility as it gets dark. Parents should also attach some kind of reflective tape to their child’s costume if they plan on being out after dark. Remember to only visit well-lit homes and skip any houses that are dark.

Parents should urge their children not to snack on their treats until they have a chance to check for choking hazards or any signs of tampering. It is also important to only eat factory-wrapped treats. Families should avoid eating anything homemade from people they don’t know.

Planning on hosting your own Halloween party? Keep things on the lighter side by serving foods like fruits, mixed nuts, veggies and cheeses, and don’t leave any perishable items out at room temperature for longer than two hours. If you choose to play the traditional game of bobbing for apples, reduce bacteria that may be present by washing them thoroughly in cold water and use a produce brush to scrub away any dirt on the surface. If you plan on serving hot cider, check the labels to ensure it is pasteurized or treated in some way to kill harmful bacteria.

Urgent Team wants everyone to enjoy a safe and healthy Halloween season. If you have any questions about these tips please feel free to reach out to your local Urgent Team Center. Our locations and contact information can be found at UrgentTeam.com.



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