Telemedicine Visits Now Available!

For your convenience and comfort, Urgent Team brings healthcare to you—wherever you are!

A virtual visit from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone connects you with the same trusted providers you see at our Urgent Team walk-in centers. No app needed!

Telemedicine is another way we care for our patients. A virtual visit is a two-way healthcare visit that allows you on-demand access to care in the comfort of your home.

Available Hours for a Video Visit

Central Standard Time

  • Mon-Fri

    8AM - 5PM

  • Sat

    9AM - 5PM

  • Sun

    1PM - 5PM

See an Urgent Team Provider in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Book A Visit

    Choose a visit time, reason for visit, enter relevant patient information, and payment type.

  2. Confirm Your Appointment

    You will receive a text asking you to complete patient registration, agree to terms and service, financial payment and privacy policy.

  3. Start Your Visit

    At your scheduled visit time, click the link texted to you and get on your way to feeling better!