Urgent Team Donates iPads to Local Elementary School

(March 3, 2014) Urgent Team, one of the largest and fastest growing independent operators of urgent care centers across the Southeast, recently donated two iPads to Robert F. Woodall Elementary School, its adopted school in Robertson County, in an effort to help children in grades Kindergarten through second grade strengthen various math and reading skills.

According to Courtney Nipper, a Kindergarten teacher at Robert F. Woodall, all of the teachers are excited to be able to share the donated iPads across all grade levels at the school.

“In our Kindergarten classrooms, we are using the iPads in reading, phonics and math games,” said Nipper. “The children really enjoy having the opportunity to play with iPads while learning.”

Marci Rudolph, a first grade teacher at Robert F. Woodall, has her students using the iPads as a classroom management mechanism.

“The children are able to earn points based off of their discipline throughout the day and parents are able to download an application on their smartphones and follow their child’s discipline throughout the day in real time,” said Rudolph.

Dr. Matthew Browning, a physician at Urgent Team in Springfield, spoke on his thoughts about the iPads saying, “The iPads are great educational tools because they are capable of catering to children of different ages and grade levels. I personally like that the children are getting exposure to technology all while learning vital educational skills.”

Marissa Chachra, Director of Marketing for Urgent Team, says playing an active role in the communities Urgent Team serves goes beyond simply providing medical care to patients.

“Providing the highest quality care available in the communities Urgent Team currently serves is and always will be our top priority,” Chachra said.  “However, we believe it is equally important to contribute to activities, organizations and causes that advance our communities forward and we are delighted to be partnered with Robert F. Woodall this school year.”



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