What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy introduces vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into the body through an intravenous drip allowing them to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. The dosage of vitamins in an IV treatment has a higher concentration than what is found in an oral vitamin supplement making it an effective way to address deficiencies and negative effects that are a result of vitamin imbalances. Below are four benefits of IV therapy:

  • Treat dehydration
  • Help recover from illness more quickly
  • Allows the body to absorb fluids and vitamins efficiently
  • Assists with restoring electrolyte balance in the body

These IV fluids typically remain in the body for a few hours after absorption. However, the nutrients, minerals, and medication in the fluids may stay in your body for days, weeks, or even months; it depends on the body’s deficiency and the type of IV infusion you receive.

Urgent Team Walk-In Urgent Care offers IV Therapy in Rome, Marietta and Kennesaw, Georgia. Learn more about the types of treatment options and how it may benefit you.

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