Top Tips to Survive Cicada Season

Cicada season is upon us, and while these insects are a fascinating part of nature, they can also be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you navigate cicada season with ease.

What is a Cicada?

Cicadas are large, winged insects known for their distinctive buzzing sound. They spend most of their lives underground as nymphs, feeding on tree roots. After 13 to 17 years, depending on the species, they emerge in massive numbers to mate and lay eggs. This year marks the emergence of Brood X, one of the largest and most widespread broods, covering much of the Eastern United States according to CBS News. 

Are Cicadas Dangerous?

To Humans: No, cicadas do not bite or sting. They are harmless to humans.

To Pets: Generally, cicadas are not dangerous to pets. However, consuming large quantities can cause stomach upset or blockages.

How to Avoid Cicadas

Stay Indoors: Minimize outdoor activities during peak cicada activity times.

Use Fans or Air Conditioning: Keep windows closed and use fans or air conditioning to stay cool.

Drive with Windows Closed: Prevent cicadas from entering your car by keeping windows up.

Best Times to Be Outside to Avoid Cicadas

Early Morning: Cicadas are less active during the cooler parts of the day.

Evening: Activity decreases as temperatures drop.

What Clothes to Wear

Long Sleeves and Pants: These can prevent cicadas from landing directly on your skin.

Hats: Protect your head from falling cicadas.

ClosedToe Shoes: Protect your feet from any insects on the ground.

Home Remedies to Protect Your Home

Peppermint Oil: Mix peppermint oil with water and spray around entry points.

Garlic Spray: Create a garlic spray by mixing water and crushed garlic, then apply around your home.

Home Remedies to Protect Your Garden

Netting: Cover plants with fine mesh netting to prevent egg-laying.

Neem Oil: Spray neem oil on plants as a natural insect repellent.

Water Spray: Use a strong spray of water to dislodge cicadas from plants.

Cicada season may be noisy, but with a little knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy your summer without too much buzzing interference.

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