Medically-Supervised Weight Loss

Our method for medically supervised weight loss aims to help those struggling to lose weight on their own be successful. The program and clinical protocols are approved and supervised by our Chief Medical Officer Chad Sherwood, M.D. in Arkansas. Key components of the program:

  • Initial visit includes blood work and an EKG to measure heart health.
  • Monitoring important hormone and electrolyte levels to ensure they are optimal for weight loss.
  • Prescribe medication to help suppress appetite or make you feel fuller faster to support sustainable results.
  • Regular follow up visits (no appointment needed) to track weight loss, measure blood pressure, pulse rate, and body mass index (BMI), as well as monitor exercise and eating goals.
  • Guidance for caloric restrictions, exercise and the benefits of balanced nutrition.

*Depending on your insurance plan, this program may be covered.

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