Women It’s Time To Prioritize Your Health

More than 1,000 women recently shared their medical experiences with Healthgrades to help get a perspective on how women are addressing their own personal health. The study revealed women aren’t taking care of themselves as well as they should.

Women are generally more inclined than men to take on healthcare responsibilities such as arranging appointments, collecting prescriptions, tending to ill family members, and selecting medical professionals; but not for themselves.

2022 Percentages

  • Women were 48% more likely than men to skip their own preventative care
  • 53% of women had a physical 
  • 54% of women saw a dentist 
  • 35% of women had a gynecological appointment
  • 61% of women over 21 were aware they should get a gynecological exam, but only 37% did so in the last 12 months.

By delaying preventive care, women are missing out on potentially life-saving appointments. Timely detection plays a crucial role in maintaining good health and minimizing the advancement of symptoms. For instance, every month of delayed cancer detection increases mortality risk by 10%.

It is imperative for women to prioritize the essential healthcare they need. We can help. Visit this page to learn about the women’s health services we can provide. Our health providers are trained in these services to help you stay as healthy as possible.

To view the complete Women’s Health Research Study, click here.

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