The Weekend is Calling!

Monday through Friday, our schedules are packed from the moment we rise until the minute our head hits the pillow. With so many obligations, meetings and appointments, by the time the weekend rolls around, it’s time to play! We’re a generation of weekend warriors, and we have a lot of fun to fit into 48 hours. 

Whether heading out for a run or bike ride, meeting friends on the basketball court, or wading into the shallows to go fly fishing, there’s no doubt the weekend is our favorite part of the week. We give our free time all we’ve got, and exert the same level of intensity as we do with everything. Unfortunately, sometimes our enthusiasm doesn’t quite work out like we planned.

If your weekend unexpectedly includes a twisted ankle, pulled muscle, or a broken bone, there’s no need to wait until Monday for medical attention. Walk in to one of the Urgent Team’s Family of Urgent Care & Walk-in Centers. Most of our centers offer weekend hours with no appointment needed – saving you both time and money versus visiting the emergency room. 

Even though your injury was unexpected, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary pain. Urgent Team’s Family of Urgent Care & Walk-in Centers will stitch you up, bandage you up and send you back to the great outdoors.

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