7 Home Remedies for Treating Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you know they can put a damper on your plans. But they don’t have to ruin all the fun! Try these home remedies to feel better.

Symptoms of a migraine can include:

  • Moderate to severe throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head
  • Visual changes
  • Sensitivity to sound, light, or smell
  • Nausea or vomiting

Tips to ease symptoms at home:

  1. Cold compress: Apply cold a compress to the neck, forehead, and scalp to ease migraine pain.
  2. Essential Oils: Use a diffuser with lavender, peppermint, chamomile, or basil oil for soothing relief.
  3. Massage: Massage the affected areas such as the neck and shoulders to help alleviate tension and pain.
  4. Caffeine: While caffeine may worsen conditions for some people, it may provide relief for others.
  5. Magnesium: A 2022 review of research concluded that supplementary magnesium may help treat migraines; however, consult your provider before taking magnesium if you have other health issues.
  6. Hydration: The American Migraine Foundation states that around one-third of migraines may be attributed to dehydration. Drink water throughout the day and during migraine episodes to lessen symptoms.
  7. Rest: Lay in a quiet, dark room to help alleviate pain.

Know when to seek treatment: Those suffering from migraines should consult a medical professional if migraines occur more than a few times per month or if symptoms are severe and interfere with activities and work.

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