We see patients on a walk-in basis to treat urgent, non-life-threatening medical needs. We will always try to minimize your wait; however, longer wait times may occur on or around certain holidays, during flu season, and other peak times. To save time with paperwork, you can also pre-register online. The length of time your visit takes depends on other patients who are there at the same time, as well as the complexity of your health issue. Any lab work or test needed will take additional time.

If you have insurance, please bring a copy of your insurance card. If you are 18 years of age or older, you must provide valid photo ID.  If you are under age 18, a guardian must be present at the time of treatment and provide a valid photo ID. 

In addition, bring the name, dosage and directions for any medications you take.   

Patients may not always be called in the order they arrive. This is because certain medical conditions require a faster response than others, and some patients may only need to see the nurse, or get an x-ray or lab work.  Also, some treatments may require waiting on an exam room that has special equipment.

Yes! New patients can complete all needed new patient information and forms online prior to their visit. Then, with a click of a button, submit and send those forms to the urgent care center they are planning to visit that day. It’s important to note that completing new patient forms online does not reserve an appointment or save your spot in line. It simply allows new patients the convenience of completing necessary forms in the comfort of their home versus a waiting area.

A nurse will take you to an exam room and take your temperature and other vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respirations and height and weight, if needed. The nurse will also ask basic health questions such as if you have any allergies and what medications you are taking. The nurse will also review your medical, social and family history and find out what health condition(s) brought you to our Center.

Next, based on your complaint, necessary labs such as a urinalysis, x-ray of injured body part or other labs may be done prior to seeing the provider.

The provider will then come to your exam room to evaluate and treat your condition. Before you leave, you’ll be given discharge instructions and a receipt. We can also give you a written excuse if needed for your employer or school.

Based on your complaint, a test, X-ray or lab work may be done prior to seeing the provider, or afterwards.

If you are visiting for a complete physical and would like your cholesterol checked, please do not eat anything for 8-10 hours prior to the test. This is called fasting. You are allowed to drink black coffee or water.

If a specific test is processed in our office, you will receive results before you leave. If a test needs to be sent to an outside laboratory, you will receive notification by telephone within 3-5 business days.

If an x-ray is needed, a team member will come to your exam room. If there is any possibility that you could be pregnant, it is important that you inform the team member. After explaining what x-ray you will have, you will be escorted to the x-ray room. For the x-ray, you need to remove any jewelry, or clothing that may interfere. A private area is provided for you to remove any clothing, if necessary. After the x-ray is taken, you can redress. After the provider reviews the x-ray, he or she will share the findings with you in the exam room. 

We accept most major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid (for the state in which you are being seen in).  We also accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Health Savings Account cards.

In most cases, yes. We are skilled to evaluate most patients and if we are not the best provider to handle your health concerns, we can recommend a referral to an internal medicine or family medicine doctor who would be better suited to handle your condition or conditions.   

If the provider determines you need to be seen by a specialist, we will make a recommendation for you.  We typically would help arrange your appointment with one of our trusted specialist, or a specialist of your choice.

Through My Health Portal you can view your health information, including X-ray and other test results, at your convenience anywhere from an internet-enabled device. To sign up for My Health Portal, tell the front desk team you’re interested in signing up. Once you provide your email address, we will email you a sign-up link. (The email will be from no-reply@healthdataexchange.com, so check your "Junk" folder if you don’t see it in your Inbox.) Once you create an account, you can log in to view documents or any messages. You’ll receive an email notice when you have an item to view in your portal. And if you want to forward your records to another physician, simply click the “Forward” button and you can email that document.

In this case, you should dial 9-1-1 or have someone take you to the nearest hospital emergency room.  If you come to the center and we determine your health concern is an emergency or you need further medical work-up urgently, we may send you to the emergency room in an appropriate and safe manner.