• Baptist Health Urgent Care - Jacksonville, AR
    Patient | Jacksonville, AR
    Everyone at the Jacksonville office was amazing! Courteous, friendly and professional. What a great team!
  • N.B.
    Patient | Jacksonville, AR
    From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I felt at ease and well taken care of.
  • M.R.
    Patient | Jacksonville, AR
    Very friendly and helpful!!!
  • F.H.
    Patient | South Pittsburg, TN
    I like the convenience of no appt. needed.
  • J.S.
    Patient | Lenoir City, TN
    Went there as a walk-in and did not have to wait long to be seen. Everyone was very professional.
  • Physicians Care - Lenoir City, TN
    Patient | Lenoir City, TN
    Staff was wonderful. I received excellent care and will definitely be returning.
  • D.D.
    Patient | Dayton, TN
    Excellent care and I love the fact that x-rays can be taken.
  • D.A.
    Patient | Dayton, TN
    They are a professional and compassionate staff.
  • Urgent Team - Wynne, AR
    Patient | Wynne, AR
    I think the APN was very friendly and considerate of my care. She gave me extra advice on my situation and encouraged me to do well. Thanks again!
  • S.B.
    Patient | Wynne, AR
    Friendly staff. Quick and efficient service.