The privacy and security of the personal and protected health information we maintain is of the utmost importance to Urgent Team Holdings, Inc.

We recently discovered unauthorized access to our network occurred between November 12, 2021 and November 18, 2021. We immediately launched an investigation in consultation with outside cybersecurity professionals who regularly investigate and analyze these types of situations to analyze the extent of any compromise of the information on our network. Based on our comprehensive investigation and document review, which concluded on January 31, 2022, we discovered that full names and one or more of the following may have been removed from our network in connection with this incident: date of birth and/or medical record numbers. However, we have no evidence that this information was actually viewed or removed.

To date, we are not aware of any reports of identity fraud or improper use of any information as a direct result of this incident. Out of an abundance of caution, we provided written notification of this incident commencing on or about March 31, 2022, to all those potentially impacted to the extent we had a last known home address. The notice letter specifies steps potentially impacted individuals may take in order to protect themselves against medical identity theft, including the following:

  • Only share your health insurance cards with your health care providers and other family members who are covered under your insurance plan or who help you with your medical care.
  • Review your “explanation of benefits statement” which you receive from your health insurance company. Follow up with your insurance company or care provider for any items you do not recognize. If necessary, contact the care provider on the explanation of benefits statement and ask for copies of medical records from the date of the potential access (noted above) to current date.
  • Ask your insurance company for a current year-to-date report of all services paid for you as a beneficiary. Follow up with your insurance company or the care provider for any items you do not recognize.

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of personal and protected health information in our possession and have taken many precautions to safeguard it. We continually evaluate and modify our practices and internal controls to enhance the security and privacy of your personal and protected health information. Specifically, since this incident, we have implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) as a measure to add additional layers of security to our systems and to lessen the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, we have implemented a robust antivirus solution to notify us when it detects an attempt to gain unauthorized access to our systems.

Individuals with questions concerning this incident may call a dedicated and confidential toll-free response line that we have set up to respond to questions at 855-956-2798. The response line is available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 9:00pm, Eastern Time.